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Support the Centre for Pidgin and Creole Studies (cpcs) - The ,000.00 Endowment Fund for the Centre for Pidgin and Creole Studies in Benin City

The Centre for Pidgin and Creole Studies (cpcs) is a legitimate, non-profit, voluntary research centre initiative designed to help develop, systematise as well as document/describe the use of pidgins and creoles in Africa. cpcs is a programme that we have for over 3 years been trying to personally fund (the director and a couple of other interested friends) but because we have not been able to raise much funds and have lacked proper facilities and trained manpower, we have not been able to successfully establish that dream centre that will be really and truly worth its name as a centre for the study of pidgins and creoles in Africa.

So far, we have set up the centre at the personal residence of the Centre Director with just a PC, a couple of reading tables and a small library of books and photocopied pages. From this location, we have since been doing some work.

Early in 2003, we started the process of legally incorporating the centre with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission, but the lack of funds has slowed down the process.

We have also made attempts to secure grants for the centre development project but so far our search has been futile.

So, as part of our undying commitment to see this dream come true, we have decided to use this medium to seek for donations to support our ,000.00 Endowment Fund for the Centre for Pidgin and Creole Studies in Benin City, Nigeria.

This Endowment Fund would enable us build an ultramodern centre, develop and equip a modern language laboratory facility, train professional manpower in the proper techniques and approaches to this field of research, undertake and fund some basic research projects, as well publish the findings of our research on the internet and in journals. The product of our work shall therefore find relevance in the field of education, information and communications technology, economics, politics, commerce, translation as well other fields where language is an essential input.

The breakdown of the specific areas into which the fund will be put is given below.

Budget for the centre development project (Wetin awa cpcs projet go kost) 

1. Land $ 20,000.00
2. Construction of an ultramodern centre buildings $ 227,500.00
3. Equipping and installing two language laboratories $ 51,200.00
4. Furniture and interiors $ 15,400.00
5. Office equipment (desktop and laptop computers, photocopiers, printers, scanners, projectors, airconditioners, fax-machines) $ 41,800.00
6. Communication equipment (telephone lines and handsets, wireless radio equipment),000.00
7. Internet & satellite  connectivity $ 23,200.00
8. Library and Archival facilities (shelves, books, computerised catalogues and electronic materials) $ 32,000.00
9. Office supplies $ 13,800.00
10. Staff stipends and training (1 year) $ 78,000.00
11. Research Vehicles (SUVs, buses, saloon cars, bicycles ) $ 110,500.00
12. Educational material  development /production $ 17,900.00
13. Project / research awards funds $ 200,000.00
14. Research camping equipment (video, still and digital cameras, voice/sound recorders, camping tents, power generating sets)         $ 33,700.00
Total  ,000.00

Your donations and contributions

Please address all donations, support or contributions to

The Centre for Pidgin and Creole Studies Endowment Fund
c/o David Oshorenoya Esizimetor
Centre Director
Centre for Pidgin and Creole Studies (cpcs)
3 Esizimetor Avenue, Off Isibor Street, P.O. Box 10385
Ugbowo, Benin City 300001/300283, Nigeria

Bank details:
First Bank of Nigeria plc
Branch: Ugbowo Branch
Branch Code: 404
Account Number: 0140301689700

Please note that all donations and contributions will be duly acknowledged on receipt of the donation/contribution and all donors and contributors will have their names inserted into Centre's Annals  and engraved in the Hall of the cpcs Donors of Fame in the centre and on our website.